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Shaun Dunn Denture Clinic

Eat, smile and talk with confidence

Losing your natural teeth can be a very traumatic event. To get a new smile to replace your old one can be almost as traumatic. Knowing where to go or who to trust is the main worry for most people. At the Shaun Dunn Denture Clinic, conveniently located in Hamilton, we hope to alleviate those fears and give you back your smile. Our focus is on 'Caring Denture Care'. Shaun Dunn DD will devote all of his 25 years of experience in helping to give you all what you need and desire in your new smile.

Denture Clinic Services

New Denture Techniques

New Techniques

Dentogenics - Nature sets the standards - We follow them.

Fountain of Youth Dentures

Fountain of Youth Dentures

Utilizing techniques from the field of neuromuscular dentistry.

Denture Services

Denture Services

Our Dental Clinic provides quality denture services using new and proven techniques

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What Our Denture Clinic Offers

  • Quality Complete Dentures
  • Precision Cast Partial Dentures
  • Same Day Relines & Repairs
  • Dental Implants
  • Soft Liner
  • Sports Mouth Guards
  • Anti Snoring Appliances
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Wheelchair Access (Ground Level)
  • Free Parking
  • Value for your Dollar
  • Warranties on wear and breakage