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As a full service specialist Denture Clinic we offer many Denture and Oral related services.

Denture Soft Liners

Denture Soft Liners

If a denture wearer experiences pain from a lower denture due to severe loss of bone or sensitive tissue – we will sometimes recommend a denture soft liner. This is a layer of soft material which is bonded to a new or existing denture. This material stays permanently soft and acts a cushion against the tissue. In certain cases it can help with acrylic allergies as the material is not acrylic based.

Denture Relines

Denture Relines

When a denture is fitted for the first time it should have its optimum fit specific to the wearer. However over time the wearer can experience loss of bone, weight or remaining teeth. This will always affect the overall fit, comfort and function of the denture. After considering the age and the wear on the teeth as appropriate we will recommend a reline to help relieve the situation.

Most relines are done within a few hours and almost always the same day.

It must be remembered that a reline only affects the fit of a denture – it does not replace wear on the denture teeth or the appearance.

Dentures should be checked for fit by a Denturist every 2 years or so.

Denture Repairs

Denture Repairs

Denture fracture has become less of an issue with the use of modern dental polymers and processing techniques. However if a denture does break it can be a very embarrassing, traumatic event. Fortunately most denture repairs can be done in around one hour. This means that you are not usually without your denture for any long period of time. If the repair is due to loss of natural teeth the repair may take a little longer and require an impression of the mouth.

If a denture continually breaks, this may indicate an underlying issue with the denture which should be explored and explained at the time of the repair.

It is advisable that you do not try to repair the denture yourself with crazy glue or similar products because this can create fit problems if the parts do not align properly.

Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guards

Most team sports along with sports like karate, skateboarding and gymnastics can have physical contact. Sometimes that contact can be traumatic.

It is advised that a professionally fitted sports mouth guard be made to protect against concussions, broken or damaged teeth as well as protecting against lip, cheek and tongue laceration.

A professionally fitted sports mouth guard has intimate contact with your oral structures and helps displace contact forces more evenly to help reduce trauma.

We offer three levels of custom mouth guard; economy, dual laminate and high performance.