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A normal and healthy oral cavity harbors hundreds of bacterial species, some of these bacterial species can aggravate the tissue of your mouth and cause oral inflammation, so keeping your Dentures clean on a daily basis is essential for good oral hygiene.

When it comes time to clean your dentures there are some solutions that can harm them. Keep in mind that denture acrylic is softer than enamel so using toothpaste is not advised. Most everyday toothpastes contain hard abrasives like baking soda which can produce microscopic scratches, creating places for bacteria to hide. Over time toothpaste can also darken your teeth as you wear the top surface way. You may also remove acrylic from the fitting surface of the denture causing ill fitting dentures. Such harsh chemicals like bleach are toxic to dentures as well and your mouth and should not be used to clean your dentures. Prolonged use of bleach may also cause the pink acrylic on your dentures to discolor and turn white. There are alternatives to toothpastes like commercial denture cleaners, or brushing with mild soap and water. You may also try using vinegar if you notice a lot of plaque and tarter build up on your denture.

Denture Relines

Dentures should always be cleaned over a basin of water or a towel to cushion the fall if you were to drop your dentures.

For good oral hygiene you should also massage your gums at least once a day with a softer toothbrush to stimulate and keep your gums healthy and firm. When you are not wearing your dentures they should be stored in water in a denture cup. If dentures are allowed to dry out completely they can warp or craze. This will affect how they fit and perform in your mouth.