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Dentogenics – Nature sets the standards – We follow them.

Dentogenics takes into consideration the Age, Gender and Personality of the denture wearer and subtleties such as tooth shape, position, rotation, along with gum contour and levels help us to capture the unique attributes of their smile.

This is missing in so many dentures today.

Better Fitting Lower Dentures

The lower denture suction effective technique.

Lower dentures are the most difficult to manufacture and fit and the more difficult to wear. Dentistry has toiled with this problem for years, but now there may be a solution for you which does not include dental implants.

The lower denture suction effective technique was pioneered in Japan. It utilizes a modified impression technique along with other details in the denture construction process. This gives the effect of suction, that results in a very well fitting lower denture.

Results do vary from one denture wearer to another but there is always improved fit and function.

Shaun Dunn DD gets his Lower Suction Denture Certification


Lower Suction Denture Certification

New Techniques