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Shaun Dunn DD gets his Lower Suction Denture Certification

Hamilton Denturist Shaun Dunn DD of the Shaun Dunn Denture Clinic has achieved his certification for the Suction Effect Mandibular Denture technique. Ask any denture wearer or any denture professional and they will tell you that the lower denture is the most difficult. It is difficult to make and it’s difficult to wear. That’s why many dentists choose not to supply dentures to their patients and refer them out of office.

Dr. Jiro Abe a Japanese dentist has dedicated most of his dental career in the search for the elusive well fitting lower denture and in the past few years has been teaching his findings to other dental professionals. Shaun like Dr. Abe has been striving to make the best dentures for his patients for all of his professional life and over the last 2 years has been perfecting the Dr. Abe technique to produce the best fitting conventional lower dentures available. This recently culminated in achieving his certification by the SEMCD instructors of North America.

SEMCD or lower suction dentures are the ultimate in conventional lower denture design. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment, the BPS system (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) incorporating injection molded acrylics and high-grade denture teeth this technique is second to none in producing well fitting comfortable dentures. Of course, not all patients are going to get suction on their lower denture due to oral anatomy and other medical considerations but even if suction is not attained the resulting denture is far superior to any other lower denture technique available to modern dentistry.

If you are unhappy with the fit of your lower denture or just think you would like to know more please contact the office at 905 388 2355 for a complimentary consultation and see what a difference this revolutionary technique could make to your life.

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