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Dentures – more than just a set of teeth!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “dentures”? For some of you, it is probably the set of pearly-whites in a glass of water on your grandparents’ nightstand. For others, it’s the opportunity to recreate your smile after losing your natural teeth.

For Denturists, dentures are more than just a set of teeth. They take into consideration so many factors of their patients, to make sure that the set of dentures they walk away with is the best possible set for them! How do they do this?

Denturists have to consider not just the anatomy of your jaw and mouth, but what is the maximum efficiency for chewing that their patient can achieve, the muscle tone of the patient, as well as the cosmetic result the patient desires. These requests can come in the form of “I want my dentures to make me look younger!”, “I want my teeth to be the straight, bright-white teeth I never had!” or “I want my teeth to look as natural as possible. Can you make them look like my old teeth?”

When considering all of these anatomical and cosmetic features of a denture, you can almost think of the Denturist as an artist and your dentures as their form of artistic expression!

Teeth are important not only for chewing but for so much more!

  • They provide a surface for sound production. Think about how hard it would be to make the /th/ sound in “thanks” without having teeth to stick your tongue between. Or, think about how difficult it would be to make the /f/ sound in “fun” without having a solid surface for your bottom lip to touch.
  • Teeth also prevent bone loss. When you lose natural teeth, the bone begins to recede, which changes your overall facial structure. This changes the way you look and the support for all the muscles in your face. With little support, you may see more wrinkles, a saggy appearance in your muscles and a bottom jaw that sticks out more than it ever used to. Dentures can help return your facial structure almost back to normal – instantly making you look younger! (What a bonus, right?)


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