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Oral Hygiene Month!

Oral health is important for everyone, including denture wearers. If gums, natural teeth, partials, and complete dentures are not cleaned properly, you are likely to experience a build-up of plaque, leading to bad breath, cavities, gum disease and further tooth loss (if you still have remaining natural teeth). For good overall health, it is important to take good care of your gums, any remaining natural teeth, and to keep your partial or complete denture(s) clean and properly fitted!

Things you need to know to help keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright:

    • Like natural teeth, when your dental appliance is not properly cleaned, plaque buildup occurs. When this happens, sometimes the plaque gets pushed further underneath the gum line, making cleaning difficult and leading to a higher chance of infection (especially on exposed root surfaces).
      • To avoid this, clean your dentures regularly using the correct products.
    • Over time, changes in your mouths anatomy, as well as the wearing of materials will affect the comfort and fit of your dentures.
      • Your dentures and tissues should be checked regularly by your Denturist to prevent or reduce any tissue inflammation and to minimize excess bone or tissue loss.
    • If the dentures get too loose, food and plaque can build-up. This causes not only discomfort but an unhygienic state in your mouth.
      • To avoid this, you should visit your Denturist if you feel that your dental appliances are too loose, as well as maintaining a daily cleaning routine for your partial/complete denture(s), gums, remaining teeth (if any), and your mouth – this will keep your mouth happy and healthy!

Denturists and dental hygienists play an integral role in the maintenance of a healthy mouth. It is recommended that regular visits to your oral health professionals are maintained and proper care for your dentures is carried out! 

Come in for a cleaning or a referral to a dental hygienist today!

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