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DIY Dentures

Recently, a patient came into the office for a follow up appointment. In his hand he had a cut-out from a newspaper. When I read the article, I had a little smile to myself and thought I would share it. I’m not sure of the publication it was found in and so I can give no credit to the author.

It read:

“The museum has a fascinating collection of antique dentures, which once upon a time were made with human teeth – sometimes bought from the poor or yanked from the mouths of dead soldiers. But this set of chompers is unique. According to Chouinard, these DIY dentures were made by Francis Wharton of Littlefort, BC., an eccentric hunter who saw no reason to pay for something he could make himself.”

“He shot a deer in 1967, took the deers teeth, filed them down, put them in plastic wood and used household cement,” he says. “Then he ate the deer afterwards with the deer teeth.”

Although, I don’t condone this way of making dentures, as the materials used are potentially very harmful. However, it just goes to show that where there is a will, there is a way.

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